Joe Kleman, LMBT

Joe Kleman, LMBT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Licensed as a massage therapist since 2008, Joe has had the privilege of learning from some of the best teachers in the industry. Assisting mentors such as Jocelyn Olivier, pioneer of NeuroMuscular Reprogramming, and Mark Carangelo, owner and director of theAmerican Institute of Alternative Medicine, Joe continues to learn from their decades of knowledge, an important aspect of the development of Joe’s career and philosophy as a bodyworker.

Professional Experience

Joe utilizes NeuroMuscular Reprogramming, which allows him to localize problems and bring instant relief to painful situations in clients, in addition to massage therapy. He notes that the influence of Jocelyn Olivier helped him see the body as the sum of all its parts, while Mark Carangelo introduced him to other therapies to assess and learn about the body— orthopedic testing, core evaluations and off-the-table muscle testing for function anatomy.


Today, Joe presents his body of work in the devices he developed called CORE. MOVE is his innovative creation that brings together off-the-table movement education and massage, while CORE is a movement integration device that uses a form of dance called Contact Improvisation—a study of physics using dance.


In June 2017, Joe was published in “Midwifery Today” for a technique he developed relating to hand pain in women during pregnancy.


“I grew a passion for learning physical rehabilitation through the art of massage. Coming from an analytical background in corporate logistics and the military, I carried over my intense level of attention to detail into working with the human body. I call it the power of observation which gives us all of the answers the body needs.”

Joe Kleman, LMBT