Movement Therapy

CORE Movement Therapy

We live in a world filled with desks and screens, but our bodies are made to play and move all different ways. We face forward all day long instead of owning and being aware of the space around us. We are losing our natural, reflective movement, leading to soreness, stiffness and pain. We have lost our inner wonder.


CORE was inspired by developmental sequencing and the study of infant development. The game uses total body movement to integrate creativity and engage instinctual awareness.


CORE is a customizable game that uses puzzles and movement to create an immersive experience and is fantastic for people of all ages. It integrates many systems of the body and connects you to your natural movement.


CORE is useful in many aspects of life—use in physical rehabilitation, interactive gameplay with friends and as a form of meditation to help focus the mind and relax the body.


*MOVE does not make any scientific claims for the results you may feel while using the devices. The system is still experimental and results have been consistent and measurable. Case studies and clinical trials are currently being planned for the 2018 year. 

Movement Therapy FAQs

We suggest wearing clothes that make you comfortable. This can be your favorite yoga pants or work out gear. The main objective of a movement session is to discover movement in your body, and comfort is an important part of the process.

The recommended time of your movement therapy session can vary based on your specific situation and goals. If you are not sure, we would suggest booking a shorter session and come in for the experience. You can always send an email and we can discuss what we think would be the best length of session to book.

The CORE movement therapy system has shown great success working with PTSD and trauma survivors, as well as stroke patients after they have regained some of their faculties. If you are coming after a stroke, we suggest waiting until after you have seen a physical therapist, and have been cleared by your doctor.


Core also helps with chronic pain relief, such as discomfort on one side of your body or if you experience fatigue in performing everyday tasks.


We have just started working with clients with an Alzheimers or Parkinson’s diagnosis. If you feel this could help please contact us and we would love to answer any questions you may have.

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