Client Reviews

  • Heather

    As a bodyworker, Joseph Kleman is as accomplished as he is kind and encouraging. He listens carefully and then does a thorough evaluation of the body. He teaches as he works, so that one leaves, not only feeling better, but with an understanding of the problem and a few targeted exercises for home practice. He has worked with me on lifelong patterns of collapsed posture and back pain. Over a six-month period, my posture is significantly more upright, the extensors in my upper back are working, and I continue to make progress every week in pain reduction and expanded capacity to move with ease.

  • Marnie S.

    My husband and I have both been seeing Shay for massage for over 2 years. She is hands down one of the best massage therapists I have had work on me. Shay’s knowledge of the human body as well as her detailed and advanced massage techniques are what make her amazing. All too often I have had massage therapists that were inexperienced or were not in tune with what my body’s needs were to properly deliver the results I was looking for. Shay may be small but she is mighty! My husband is 6’2” and 200 lbs and Shay has no problem making his back pain disappear! I love that after each massage Shay gives us customized exercises and stretches to do on an ongoing basis to help alleviate more muscle issues from too much sitting, standing, or over-use. I recommend Shay to all of my friends and they too have been thrilled with her massages.

  • Steve S.

    I have been seeing Joe as a client for many years now.  I find that he is more than just a massage therapist.  A  body work specialist is a more appropriate title.  He is able to think and test his way through any number of ailments and, in the end, help improve pain.  I have seen him over the years for neck pain, knee pain, gluteal pain, back pain, and have never been disappointed.   He can usually figure out the problem within a few visits and get me back to doing the activities I love to do quickly.

  • Christine Laster, Dentist

    I injured my back three years ago and had to stop running marathons, half marathons- no all due to excruciating pain! Pain that kept me awake and was with me most of the time during the day. I have sought help over these years from a physical therapist who I saw nearly every week for two years, an orthopedist with multiple steroid injections, multiple massage therapists, A personal trainer to strengthen the muscles, an acupuncturist, and there chiropractors. As soon as after the first session without Joe, I could tell that what he does is completely different. I have been seeing him for six months now. Not only was he able to diagnose the true source and cause of my pain, but thru bodywork and giving me correcting strength and movement exercises, I am virtually pain-free and running for the first time in three years. I am in debt to Joe for changing my life!  Joe is truly passionate about what he does and how he helps people. He has an infectious desire to continue to learn. He has been given a special gift to heal others. He is extremely knowledgeable and truly understands how the muscles work together as well as the mind-body emotion connection. I have been honored to know him as a person and partner with him for my best health!

  • Farran Michael

    If you have pain, this is the guy to see! I’ve suffered over four years with nerve pain in my leg and foot that I was told it was due to several knee surgeries, and that I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. He was able to lessen my pain immensely, and I am able to enjoy life so much more! He always explains everything that he is doing and why he is doing it, and it makes sense! He is someone who truly cares about your well being! I am so very thankful for everything he has done and will continue to see him in hopes that he can continue to lessen the pain and possibly even make it disappear!

  • Arthur Freeman

    Joe is a true master of his craft, and you can feel the dedication and expertise of his decade of experience in helping people move and feel better in everything that he does. He is a rare combination of compassion, insightful intuition, and extensive knowledge.  Highly recommend his neural movement therapies to anyone: whether you’re facing chronic pain, recovering from injuries like I was, or simply don’t feel at home in your body anymore. These methods are way ahead of their time, truly the future of bodywork and wellness.

  • Mindy Hiteshue

    I just can’t speak highly enough of this breakthrough treatment that truly has increased my quality of life so much, both as a long-time runner and in my normal course of life. If you are looking for a real SOLUTION to healing–not a triage of treating symptoms as they arise, then MOVE is where you should be. After dealing with chronic neck, back, and hip issues for longer that I care to recall, I was starting to think there was no solution. I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of my time with many different providers, but any help I found was only temporary. Then I met Joe with MOVE and my life changed. Working to unlock the puzzles of years of injury and bio-mechanical instabilities, Joe peeled back the layers of dysfunction and put me back together again. Now I’m running more than I ever was able to since my injuries started, to the amazement of my friends and family. I’m able to sit and work at my computer without neck and back issues. I can do chores and bend and lift and what’s more–THE PROGRESS STAYS. This treatment is unique, physics-based, highly-customized to you, and completely fascinating. It’s an amazing journey that will bring you so much more awareness to how your body functions. But more than anything, it works. And it works without causing you more pain and without making you cut out the things in life that bring you joy and allow you to MOVE.

  • Jeremy Lewis

    Wow. Yes. This is the best place I have ever gone regarding rehab from injury or future-proofing injury. Joe is intelligent, forward-thinking, and professional. He is constantly refining and learning new information to further understand his practice. Over the years I have been seeing him I have only felt better about having sessions with him or incorporating his teachings in to my own movement practices. I would recommend him to any person – from fitness, to “9-to-5” worker, athlete, young, old, etc – he is able to work and help you feel better about being a mobile human!

  • Elizabeth Senczy

    Joe has a deep and thorough understanding of the human body that allows hims to bring you results that seem like magic. I have spoken with Joe about numerous areas that I have had persistent pain in, including the wrist and shoulder. Through analysis he was able to determine the problems and give easy to understand explanations that really helped me understand both what was causing the pain and why he recommended what he did.  Through the use of a mixture of massage, exercise and his patented CORE, the pain was eliminated almost immediately. Normally with just physical therapy it takes many sessions to see results. Often with massage you get a quick but very temporary decrease in pain. The comprehensive approach decreased pain almost entirely in the first session and with the knowledge and exercises given, I am able to keep the pain away.  I can not recommend Joe enough. If you feel like your body is falling apart and you’ve started to just think that pain is part of living then here’s your reset button!

  • Casey Wentz

    I’ve used Joe at various locations for the last 3 years. He is an expert in what he does. When I started seeing him, I thought I was at the top of my athletic potential, but he was able to take me to me to a whole new level. I highly recommend his services.