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Joe Kleman, LMBT
Joe Kleman
Louella Maenle

I grew up in a very loving home that was full of attention and ability to learn, yet I was still able to be a child. I was very shy, quiet and never really felt like I fit in. I wasn’t interested in sports or hunting. I was a mama’s boy. I had a big, nurturing heart with a build-it, fix-it mindset. While I loved science, construction and building and designing things, I was never able to really figure out school. I just didn’t learn the same way others did.


As I got older, I would learn quickly, but I often became bored to the point of not wanting to go to work. In my late 20s, I hit a point of frustration in my life and was taken to the hospital for a possible heart attack. So, I quit my job and sold everything I owned down to a few boxes of belongings. I essentially started over. I just wasn’t happy and had an underlying feeling of anger.


That’s where my journey of mental health began, when I started seeing some amazing doctors at the Durham VA Medical Center. Today, after time in cognitive behavior therapy and learning meditation and how to process emotions and feelings, I have a very pleasant mindset and found my ME.


I decided to pursue my dreams in the medical field in 2008, starting with a massage certificate in the State of Washington. I quickly learned with the human body there is always a new discovery to be made. With only having a limited amount of medical training in massage I was left to discover the rest on my own. I spent the past nine years touching and working on thousands of people—constantly observing and exploring why something happened and if I could make it happen again, conducting my own experiments over thousands of hours of therapy and continuing education.


I studied at Body-Mind Centering and under Mark Carangelo, Jocelyn Olivier, Tina Allen and many other great teachers. While at Body-Mind Centering, I learned about the development of children beginning at the fetal stage. I also learned many different forms of dance and body movements with Toni Craige, creating an interest in physics and how applied physics work so well with the body. This led to my belief that we need to heal the mind in order to heal the body. As I continued to self-study neuroscience, movement and psychology, I realized the clearer my head became, the better my body moved and the more I was able to process my past.


I attended my first music festival, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, in 2011 and quickly learned the importance being free to play. That is, free to be whoever you are without judgement of how you look, dress or act. What I learned from Bonnaroo is the need of appreciation for self and bringing a certain level of play, wonder, creativity into our lives. Thanks to my amazing friends in SooperGroop, we are now well known in the Bonnaroo community for the smiles we bring to others. I learned I can still be serious when I need to be, but as my grandma always taught me, I strive to always find a good reason to laugh and be youthful.


The devotion of my company is to bring awareness to the importance of mental health in our communities and to create a healing environment for all the pass through our door. Our therapists are well taken care of, with time to move with purpose and stay relaxed in offering the best service possible. Our clients are never rushed out of the door, and we take great pride in listening, not hearing. We help educate our clients on the human body and how they can be a part of their own healing process. Sometimes it’s just an extra minute to calm the mind and feel better. Sometimes it’s just to have someone listen. We do both.


CORE, our simple creation, is a device that brings creativity, wonder, movement and simplicity to our work. It is for both fun and function. It enforces the ideas of remembering and moving, while also helping you pay attention. The importance of experiencing a spatial feel in CORE and following it up with a relaxing massage helps our clients heal and feel comforted.


I dedicate my work to my grandmother Louella Maenle, who was always great for a lesson but never lost the desire to be young and playful. I learned from her how to always pay attention, listen and follow instructions. My hard work and devotion to health, happiness and love is from the spirit she has instilled in me.