Our Ethics

On behalf of MOVE I wanted to make my stance on a serious situation very clear.


With hundreds of situations coming to light in the massage therapy world, and in the media world of sexual misconduct. Also myself being a male therapist it is important to me to make sure everyone that enters my space for treatment by myself or any of my therapists be treated with the upmost respect. At MOVE we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible.


It’s bad enough that things like this happen to women, period, but when we hear of predators taking advantage of clients in our own industry we are even more appalled.


As a massage therapy client, there is a natural state of vulnerability… you are lying down, often with clothing removed, and another human being has their hands on you in a position of power.


It takes courage, openness, and above all TRUST to climb onto a massage table.


The best therapists HONOR this trust by creating a SAFE environment… one where the client is free to let go and unwind without fear of judgement or personal harm.


In this day and age, having that one hour of your day, week or month… where another human devotes their attention entirely on helping you rid yourself of the stresses caused by life… is not only necessary, but also SACRED.


To hear of that sanctity being abused, is an outrage to us, and in direct contrast with our values here at MOVE.


Our promise to you:


We will always provide an environment in which you are safe, both physically and mentally.


We will honor and respect the trust you bestow upon us during each and every visit.


Finally, I, myself, as the sole owner… will always be available for you to contact me personally with any complaint/criticism you might have, no matter how big or small… and I will treat you with respect.


Thank you so much for being our client; we don’t take it lightly, and are seriously honored for the opportunity you’ve given us to be of service.


Joseph A Kleman LMBT
Owner and Therapist