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We provide treatments that are movement focused and customized to the needs of the client. We provide a proprietary system of therapy called the CORE Movement System, which is coupled with massage therapy. The system increases the mind-body connection, using strategy games, which require the player’s total attention and full-range of movement.

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The Extended Version

MOVE is a pain relief clinic that specializes in therapy that utilizes movement education and devices to help create freedom of movement in the human body. The main device of CORE is a movement system I have been developing. CORE uses tasks, games, and puzzles while you are navigating a space, it is designed to help create a feeling of being mindful and present. CORE has already shown great success with the treatment of PTSD and strokes. We also offer massage therapy services that mesh very well after a session with CORE, or by themselves.


I launched MOVE in November 2017 after working in the massage field for the past 10 years. I had worked on and off with different employers and finally made the decision to work for myself. MOVE was a vision of mine to get people off the table and moving again. I want my clients to leave feeling their best. Whether that is in sports performance, mindfulness, or chronic pain relief. We take great pride in the slower pace, and the extra time between sessions for time to listen and really get to the cause of your discomfort.


As MOVE grows, I hope to continue to develop systems to help fight Alzheimers, Autism, and many other neurological diseases. Mental health is an important issue for me and want to do all I can to help bring its importance into the mainstream. I am excited to continue my journey in sharing my work with the world!

Our Massage Therapists

What our clients Say

As a bodyworker, Joseph Kleman is as accomplished as he is kind and encouraging. He listens carefully and then does a thorough evaluation of the body. He teaches as he works, so that one leaves, not only feeling better, but with an understanding of the problem and a few targeted exercises for home practice. He has worked with me on lifelong patterns of collapsed posture and back pain. Over a six-month period, my posture is significantly more upright, the extensors in my upper back are working, and I continue to make progress every week in pain reduction and expanded capacity to move with ease.


Raleigh, NC

My husband and I have both been seeing Shay for massage for over 2 years. She is hands down one of the best massage therapists I have had work on me. Shay’s knowledge of the human body as well as her detailed and advanced massage techniques are what make her amazing. All too often I have had massage therapists that were inexperienced or were not in tune with what my body’s needs were to properly deliver the results I was looking for. Shay may be small but she is mighty! My husband is 6’2” and 200 lbs and Shay has no problem making his back pain disappear! I love that after each massage Shay gives us customized exercises and stretches to do on an ongoing basis to help alleviate more muscle issues from too much sitting, standing, or over-use. I recommend Shay to all of my friends and they too have been thrilled with her massages.

Marnie S.

Raleigh, NC