Pain Relief Through Massage Therapy & Movement Education

Chronic Pain Isn’t A Lifestyle

MOVE is an innovative healthcare company focused on the integration of human movement. We are creating the future of medicine through devices, games and massage services that bring a feeling of peace to the mind and body. We help with needs ranging from chronic pain, sports performance, and mental health. Our sessions focus on YOU as a whole person and not a piece of you or a diagnosis. Come and tell us your story we are always here to listen and find creative ways to help you heal.


MOVE combines bodywork, massage therapy, and CORE movement therapy sessions.

Pain Relief Therapy

Massage Therapy

Swedish, deep tissue massage, and/or trigger point therapy. Each session is a full 60 or 90 minutes of hands-on work, with time for the massage therapist to answer any questions.

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Pain Relief Therapy in Raleigh, NC
Bodywork Therapy

MOVE bodywork sessions include a movement assessment, massage, and The CORE Movement System.

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